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Willame: heavy shells, welded tubes and cones

Founded in 1949, WILLAME is specialized in forming welded steel shells, cones and tubes.

Principal activity of the company: Boiler making, forming, bending.

Founded in 1949, WILLAME is specialized in the manufacture of customized heavy shells, cones and welded tubes in all grades of carbon and stainless steels.

Know-how and specific advantages of the company: WILLAME SAS is exclusively an SMI, sub-contracting at 100% and equipped with highly powerful production means in the fields of rolling, welding and control.

In the rolled and welded shells and tubes sector, we occupy a restricted market: the non-standard fabrication.

We manufacture tubes, shells and cones according to customer specifications. We handle orders from one to several dozens units for shells and up to 30 tons maximum for tubes.

WILLAME is specialized in (cold and hot) forming of steel shells, tubes and cones, in heavy thickness, rolled and welded, for heavy industry. Our equipments and know-how allow us to realize the welding of steel tubes and also the heat treatment of pieces after manufacturing.