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Plate rolling/forming

WILLAME SA is built on 10 000 square metres land and 4000 square metres of factory premises. Our handling equipment are suitable for heavy boiler work. 11 overhead travelling cranes from 6 to 20 tons running trough all the buildings and enabling the handling of indivisible mass of 40 tons.

We are specialized in the manufacture of shells, cones and welded tubes in steel, by rolling forming and bending, we are equipped with 5 rolling machines including two rolling -bending machines maximal power 660 tons, with 4 hydraulic presses 1000, 750, 260 and 200 tons.

We realize cylindrical and conical rolling of carbon steel ( type S355) in 50 mm thickness by cold forming , up to 3200 mm length (without circular welding) and 4500 mm outside diameter. By hot forming we can roll up to 120 mm thickness in 3000 mm length with 2200 mm maximum outside diameter and higher thickness such as 160 mm and more according the length of shell.

Larger pipe with circular weld is possible : up to 15 m length and 30 tons weight.

We also realize forming of tubes or cones with press up to 2000 mm length and with a thickness between 10 to 100 mm according the length.

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WILLAME is specialized in (cold and hot) forming of steel shells, tubes and cones, in heavy thickness, rolled and welded, for heavy industry. Our equipments and know-how allow us to realize the welding of steel tubes and also the heat treatment of pieces after manufacturing.