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We hold 7 automatic welding heads (SAW Submerged Arc Welding), 6 LINCOLN heads including 2 "twin arc" and 1 SAF head, three are set on universal beam of welding machine with arm up to 7.5 m length and allowing a working height higher than 5 m, two are set on small beam allowing internal welding from 320 mm of diameter, and two others are set on girder.

We also have 7 semi-automatic gas Shielded Metal arc welding machines MAG and Q7, an dozen of manual alternative and direct current welding stations and two automatic gouging machines ARC-AIR (for longitudinal and circular welding).

In our skilled workforce (welding technician IWT, skilled welders) and in the group of our welding procedures, we are able to realize many welding types of assemblies. We master the full range of welding processes automatic, semi-automatic, MIG, MAG, Q7, arc and TIG.

We have numerous welding procedures, approved according EN and ASME, for single material welding assemblies and a few for multi material welding assemblies, using carbon steel (S235 to S355 according EN 10025), HEL steels ( P460 N), Low alloy steels (16Mo3, 25CrMo4), stainless steels (304 L, 316 L, URANUS) and special steels (CHROMESCO, ABRAMAX, HARDOX,).

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WILLAME is specialized in (cold and hot) forming of steel shells, tubes and cones, in heavy thickness, rolled and welded, for heavy industry. Our equipments and know-how allow us to realize the welding of steel tubes and also the heat treatment of pieces after manufacturing.